Spotlite Education is a young dynamic group of individuals, that are about to change the lives of parents and children through the one thing that ultimately brings us together – LANGUAGE

There are two products that we offer which are:

– Adventure Phonics
– Master English

English is the most powerful tool in education all over the world. Therefore, we are creating innovative ways to teach the language in a miraculously short space of time. As well as taking those who can read and speak it to an even higher level. With these tools we building an incredible foundation for
communication on all levels.

We all know how important it is to be understood and understand others. We are giving children quality tools to learn a language, to read and write – which in essence builds confidence and value. Imagine the possibilities when a child can read out loud before they go to school. It is to give parents
and children the ‘Adventure of Advantages’


The limit of my language means the limit of my world

.                                                                                              Ludwig Wittgenstein